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All of our facials feature the world renowned BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE skincare line. Chosen as the official skincare for Forbes Travel, THE BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE plant based products are as effective as they are luxurious. Rest assured you will find no added fragrance, no added fillers and the highest level of active ingredients available in skincare today.


The best facial for newcomers or those who just want to relax and let your Esthetician analyze and prescribe. We will tell you exactly which treatment will be the most beneficial for your skin, experiencing the grandeur of a BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE facial with none of the pressure of deciding! This facial will contain cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, masks and serums and at least one of the specialized BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE boosters. All you have to do is come ready to chill. Literally.

$295 (90 MINS)

sculpting facial

 We often hold a lot of fluid and puffiness within our face, and with a combination of lymphatic drainage and sculpting massage movements, this facial exfoliates and smoothes the skin, releasing the lymph that can hold our faces down. Utilizing BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHES famed MC110 plumper extraordinaire, this treatment will retexturize while we work to lift and tone the skin. For an additional enhancement, add on our anti-ptosis Platysma Mask to give added definition to the jawline. Recommended for normal, combination or dry skin instants.

$295 (90 MINS)


If you’re unfamiliar with BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE, or you want to maintain the BR magic you do at home, this 60 minute treatment includes lymphatic drainage, sculpting, the incomparable P-50, and is completely customized to your skin. If you want to really see what BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE can do for you, check out the hypercustomized facial enhancements below.

$199 (60 MINS)


 If Pigment is your nemesis, this facial is for you. We combat your tendency towards hyperpigmentation featuring our Dermasweep Exfoliating Treatment with an added infusion of melanin inhibiting serums sent directly into the deeper layers of the skin using the force of the Dermasweep machine. Followed with the incredibly brightening BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE PIGM 400 Brightening Pigment Mask, this combination has been our tried and true for pigmentation to get results. A Homecare plan is a must for pigment relief to truly see results beyond the facial.

$325 (90 MINS)

Peoples choice facial

One of our most popular facials got an upgrade incorporating our beloved Dermasweep (we like to call it modern microdermabrasion) with our Biologique Recherche arsenal of products. You can expect a deeper exfoliating treatment, our lymphatic drainage massage, extraction if needed, our customized masks to suit your skincare concerns and those heated foot booties to help you unwind fully.

$249 (90 MINS)

(Add an infusion for boosted results. +$50)

Smoothing facial

If your skin is feeling dull, heavy and in need of retexturizing, the Smoothing Facial features our Fruit Acid Peel, and the game changing Cold Mask to revive and smooth. This combination has been known to leave you glowing, refreshed and selfie worthy.

$239 (75 mins)

balancing facial

 If you are prone to occasional hormonal acne or you are consistently dealing with spots, this treatment is a Breakout Buster on its own, but can be combined with any of the hyper-customized options below for longer lasting relief from these bacterial invasions. This facial includes an in-depth consultation to try and find the potential instigators and help you navigate your homecare routine for continued success. Add a Dermasweep +infusion for maximum results.

$199 (60 mins)

oxygenating facial

Featuring the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE patented oxygenating complex, this facial is ideal for those feeling a dullness in their skin, for those who travel frequently and are exposed to pollution and environmental stressors. The most relaxing cleansing with our finger mitts enhance circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage. You will hear the oxygen sizzle as it meets the skin and you will feel your skin coming back to life. You will re-emerge to your life brighter and completely refreshed.

$295 (90 mins)

Toleskin facial

 If your skin feels off balance, irritated, reactive, dry, sensitive, and generally unhappy, this facial will soothe, rebalance, and offer relief for your agitated skin. This facial helps to restore and strengthen the epidermis, and the skin becomes more tolerant and soothed. You will have a restored glow and a relaxed tone ready to face the world again. Recommended for sensitive, reactive or intolerant skins. 

$295 (75 mins)

Collagen facial

Featuring the idyllic BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Collagen Feerie mask, this treatment uses Marine Collagen to plump, refine and tighten the pores, and moisturize the skin. Feel an immediate plumping effect and take home a second dosage for an additional at home treatment. Includes a fruit acid peel for added retexturing and smoothing. You will get a major dose of hydration in this facial. Ideal for dry, dehydrated and mature skin instants.

$325 (90 mins)

second peau Treatment

Utilizing the famed “Second Peau” treatment from Biologique Recherche, consider this facial as topical filler. It is designed for a special event.. ie. weddings, photo shoots. The serum used in this treatment took 7 years to perfect, and you will see the magic for yourself as hyaluronic soaked strips are strategically placed to fill in lines and the skin becomes smooth, plump and tighter. Results last 48-72 hours dependent on your skin, and you will take home the remainder of the serum for use within 48 hours to maintain results. 

$300 (60 mins)

Quick Fix Facial

Need a quick fix? Utilize this time for whatever your skin needs the most within 30 minutes. Exfoliation? Extraction? Hydration? We'll decide together what the best best options are based on your skincare needs.

OPTION 1: THE GLOWY ONE: Ogle your reflection with this quick fix option. Your esthetician will do a cleansing, a fruit acid peel, a customized mask with a cool finish to send you out the door looking fresh as a daisy.

OPTION 2: THE CLEARING ONE: We focus on breakout busting in this quick fix option. Expect cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, a cocktail of acne fighting serums and high frequency to stop that cycle of breakouts.

OPTION 3: ESTHETICIANS CHOICE: Give your skin a boost and see what Biologique Recherche and the famed P-50 can do for you! See what all the buzz is all about for yourself. Let your esthetician decide what's best for your skin.

$125 (30 MINS)


(These are add-on services only)

+Eye treatment: $45

Featuring “Patchs Defatigants”, this eye treatment adds serums and cremes specifically for the eye area, and cryosticks work hard to depuff and increase circulation.

+Anti-Ptsosis Mask: $40

 Featuring our “Platysma” mask, we increase lift of the lower portion of the face, combatting the tendency towards ptsosis and excess fluid around the jawline/chin area. 

+Lip treatment: $25

Featuring “Liftkiss”, this lip treatment hydrates, plumps and increases overall volume of the lip area. 

+Dermasweep: $55

+Dermasweep with Infusion $105

Modern microdermabrasion exfoliates the outer surface of the skin while suction stimulates blood and oxygen flow creating healthy rejuvenation of cells.

No downtime, dermasweep can be used by most all skin types and conditions.

+Fruit Acid Peel : $50

Exfoliate your skin naturally with a blend of fruit acids to smoothe, retexturize and brighten.

+PIGM 400 sheet mask: $45

Add this party ready pigment mask to any treatment for additional brightening, lightening and glowing.

+Scalp Massage: $35

Whats better than a scalp massage when your mask is doing its magic?! Drift off to lalaland while we increase circulation all the way up to your scalp.

+Extractions: $35

Extractions are included in most facials, but if you know its your focus and may want additional extraction work, you can book this to add more time and attention to your clogged pores.


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