Riddle oil

      Riddles' high-quality, concentrated fragrance oils are free of water and alcohol, made with skin-safe, non-toxic ingredients, and are cruelty-free and vegan. Best Seller "Original" is a pheremone based scent. They work with your own body chemistry (hormones, diet, health, genetics, pheromones, etc.) to act as an accelerant to your natural scent. These oils are enhancers, and because you're mainly nose-blind to your own scent, you may not smell these on yourself. However, our number one review on these scents is how many compliments people receive when wearing them.

      Our pheromone oils are also made using only base notes and are ambroxan heavy, whereas perfumes and colognes are made using top, middle, and base notes. One of the differentiations between these three notes is the heaviness of their molecules. These are ideal for anyone who cannot handle fragrance due to headaches or any general aversion. These oils are so unique and incredibly popular. 
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