meet the team

co-founder and esthetican


aka. operations guru. resident psychologist. houzz lover. part southerner. mostly northerner. astrology reader. HGTV binge watcher. Corolla enthusiast. cooking master. Loving mom. golden obsessed. age eraser. patio rocker.

co-founder and esthetician


aka.creative force. girlie girl. product tester. anthro lover. dog mama. grocery connoisseur. pilates attempter. peloton attempter. jersey girl. romcom watcher. DIY wanna-be. road tripper. beach dreamer. girls weekend planner. breakout buster.

director of operations


mama above all, licensed esthetician, calm, cool, collected, warmth personified, kitchen enthusiast, beach lover, student of podcasts, hair/skin/makeup afficianado, hospitality manager, secret weapon


Bree maven. cookie baker. relaxation specialist. gentle gal. skincare pro. book reader. smartypants. cat mama. caretaker. zombie movie watcher. organization master. calming presence. CNA. knowledge bank. old soul. trust builder. 



aka. girl mom, information seeker, insta scroller, health conscious, warm smiler, confidence booster, explorer, infectious laugher, kind hearted, strong soul, straightforward, team player, joy emitter



aka.  dutch born, laugh lover, proud mom, warm soul, instant friend, self assured, product junkie, capable hands, master chef goals, health minded, lighthearted, playful personality, 

genuinely genuine. 

Marketing Assistant


aka. Meredith girl, design student, master of kindness, dog fosterer, hard working, conscientious always, creative mind, social savvy, sweater loving, thoughtful, detail oriented girl of all trades

front desk specialist


aka. busy bee, songstress, actress, superstar, hard working achiever, old soul, deep thinker, silly face maker, generous helper, sweetie, determined dreamer, probs future ceo. 

Front Desk Specialist


avid reader, unc wilmington student, sweetest soul, master folder, game of throneser, pure joy, dog lover, quick learner, friend maker, silly sister, smile inducer.

studio assistant


cheer girl, super fast learner, bed maker, water fetcher, all around helper, challenge accepter, brain power maximizer, style maven, smart listener, future doc, genuine joy.

business girl friday


aka. number crusher. accountant. girl mom. strategizer. insta browser. task pusher. networker. pink lover. friend maker. product tester. business owner. secret weapon. hair goals. spreadsheet specialist. sounding board, genuine gem.