Biologique Recherche

This luxury skincare brand has a reputation for results driven skincare that is beloved worldwide by celebrities, estheticians, and beauty editors. 


Chosen as the official skincare for Forbes Travel, BR plant based products are as effective as they are luxurious. Rest assured you will find no added fragrance, no added fillers and the highest level of active ingredients available in skincare today.

Biologique Recherche products require customized recommendations and instructions for use.

 We encourage you to allow our estheticians to prescribe a routine based on your skincare health, analysis and lifestyle. This will ensure your best results in reaching your skincare goals. 

We are over the moon with the results we've experienced and have witnessed. If you are interested in seeing more firming and toning, have heard about the magical P-50,or are in need of finding your glow.... 

We're certain your answers are currently on our shelves. 

Biologique Recherche products meet specific criteria:

*Uses plant, biomarine and biotechnological extracts at very high concentrations – above 20% in most products

*Rule out the use of synthetic fragrances, to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid any adverse reactions

*Retain the original structure of the active ingredients as far as possible, by maximizing the use of cold processing in our formulas

*Ensure the effectiveness of a Biologique Recherche product through the composition and quality of its active ingredients

*Enhance the synergy between the products, our distinctive and original treatment techniques, and the Remodeling Face® treatment for instant and exceptional results

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