Our story began in 1998 as two esthetic novices who became fast friends and co-conspirators on a mission... 

 It went from a conversation in 1999 to a reality in 2005 when we saved our pennies and became a partnership.

 The idea of getting to choose the products and treatments to best serve our clients, getting to choose the people

 we surround ourselves with, overrode the fear of OMG...the accounting! 

We found people for that, and we're still officially bossing each other around 15 years later. 

Our team has grown but our mission has remained the same... 

to simply make sure when you're in our house, you walk out happier than when you came in. 

It is something we pride ourselves on, and work on daily. 

Our goal has always been to not only offer exceptional skincare, but to offer exceptional customer service. 

Our staff makes us proud every day how they engage with clients and think of the positive ways they can impact someones life. 

We couldn't be more proud to walk through our door, as estheticians, with a job we love, and an amazing friendship to boot.

We really do believe in thorough results oriented facials, proper waxing, brow transformations, healthy products, 

quiet time to unplug, heated booties and always having Hershey kisses at arms length. 

We believe healthy skin is the prettiest skin and preservation is key. 

We believe that everyone can feel good about their skin with the right tools, and we are here to help you navigate that.


 Robin & Lori

keeping it short and sweet....

Lori(right) has over 21 years experience in skincare as an esthetician and about 8 in cosmetics before that. She is esthetician first, but skin & tonic operations master second. She has gained the respect of her loyalists by being knowledgable, compassionate and direct. She's also known for giving the most relaxing facials, and has gained the respect of all of her skin&tonic family just for being her. 

Robin (left) also has over 21 years experience in skincare and is every bit the product junkie that title calls for. She was also one of the first 100 people in North Carolina to receive their esthetic license. She is esthetician first and skin&tonic creative head second. Robin adores her clients and is excited to say that some have been with her since the 90's.  She's known for giving really thorough, relaxing facials and loves nothing more than seeing her clients find their best skin ever. That is always her goal.