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Our goal is to have you walk out our doors happier and more peaceful than when you came in. We hope that you learn something about your skin and how to care for it properly. And lastly we aim to make you feel comfortable and welcome and we become skincare besties forever.

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All of our facials feature the world renowned BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE skincare line. Chosen as the official skincare for Forbes Travel, BR  plant based products are as effective as they are luxurious. Rest assured you will find no added fragrance, no added fillers and the highest level of active ingredients available in skincare today.

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 Dermasweep offers the latest innovations in particle-free microdermabrasion and revolutionary patent-pending treatment bristly tips for tailored and optimal results. Treatments are generally a half hour, with no downtime afterwards. You will leave glowing and hydrated and your friends will be coveting your skincare secret.

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We use both hard wax (where the wax peels up) and strip wax, dependent on our judgement and personal requests. Hard wax does hale with those prone to irritation and redness, so don't be weary of waxing all you delicate flowers! Just so you know, we don't double dip our sticks. No cooties at this joint.

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Our vegetable dye tint is voted most likely to be the treatment you never knew you needed. Simple, safe and  never obvious.

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