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At skin&tonic, we blend 25 years of aesthetic expertise with a passion for customer service. As a leading facial spa in Raleigh, NC, we are dedicated to elevating your skincare, offering a different beauty experience. Our goal is simple: to combine unparalleled care with our exceptional results-driven treatments. Our partnership with Biologique Recherche allows us access to the latest in skincare research and the same luxurious treatments you’ll find at any 5-star resort worldwide. We specialize in radiant healthy skin, providing acne facials, peels,  dermasweep facials and advanced lymphatic drainage facial techniques. We can’t wait to meet you.

Our Exclusive Skincare Range

At skin&tonic, we take pride in our partnership with Biologique Recherche, a beacon of luxury in the skincare world. This collaboration reinforces our status as a premier facial spa offering advanced skincare solutions. 

Our curated range of products stands out for its efficacy and premium ingredients, embodying the pinnacle of French skincare expertise. Chosen by the crème de la crème of beauty editors and makeup artists, these products are not just treatments; they are a testament to a results-driven approach that delivers effective and visible outcomes.

Biologique Recherche: A Touch of Luxury

Biologique Recherche is more than a brand; it's a standard in luxury skincare. Renowned for its innovative use of biomarine and biotechnological extracts, the brand is a testament to the harmony of science and nature. At our facial spa, we embody this standard, delivering luxury treatments that transform and rejuvenate.

Each product is free from synthetic fragrances and unnecessary additives, formulated to cater to your skin's unique demands. Our selection from Biologique Recherche isn't just skincare; it's a personalized journey to your skin's optimal health and radiance.

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Comprehensive Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments, including the renowned Biologique Recherche facials and the sculpting facial, are meticulously designed to address a spectrum of skin concerns. As a top-rated facial spa, skin&tonic offers diverse treatments to cater to all skincare needs. Catering to an eclectic clientele, we offer specialized treatments like celebrity facials, ensuring A-list care for all our patrons.

Signature Facials for Every Skin Type

At skin&tonic, our array of signature facials is crafted to meet the unique needs of every skin type, ensuring personalized care for everyone. From the hydration-intensive therapies for dry skin to specialized anti-aging treatments for mature skin, we have something for everyone. Our facial spa specializes in delivering these personalized services, ensuring every client receives the best care for their skin type.

  • Facial for Men: Specifically designed for the unique skincare needs of men, our facial treatments offer deep cleansing, hydration, and rejuvenation tailored for tougher skin.
  • Oxygen Facial: Leveraging the power of Biologique Recherche's oxygenating complex, this innovative treatment enhances skin circulation and promotes renewal, resulting in a radiant, youthful glow.
  • Smoothing Facial: This refreshing facial uses a fruit acid peel, cold mask and cryosticks to gently cool the skin, offering benefits such as skin tightening, inflammation reduction, and an overall invigorating experience that leaves the skin firm and rejuvenated.
  • Sculpting Facial:Our facial sculpting techniques are second to none, offering a non-invasive approach to enhancing facial contours, promoting lymphatic drainage, and delivering a sculpted, more defined look.

Our commitment to diversity in skincare treatments is reflected in these bespoke services. Embrace the journey to radiant skin with our specialized facials, each a testament to our dedication to excellence in skin care.

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Tailored Skincare Experiences

At skin&tonic, our tailored experiences begin with personalized skin consultations where we delve into understanding each client's needs. This meticulous approach allows us to align each treatment, from soothing lymphatic drainage to precision-targeted facials, perfectly with what your skin requires. Our focus is on creating an effective skincare journey that resonates personally with each client, ensuring that your experience is both rewarding and deeply satisfying.

Beyond Facials - Complete Skin Health

As a renowned facial spa, our commitment to skin health extends far beyond traditional facials. We offer a comprehensive suite of treatments, including advanced microdermabrasion, innovative Dermasweep technology, and targeted solutions for hyperpigmentation and acne control concerns.

These treatments are more than just skin-deep solutions; they are part of a luxurious approach to skincare. Each session with us is an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty while prioritizing your skin's health and vitality. Our goal is to provide care that addresses immediate skin concerns and contributes to long-term skin health and radiance.

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Robin always takes time and really provides exceptional customer service every time I see her.
Her team is caring and attentive and treats you like you are their highest end client!
So happy I found Skin and Tonic and you need to get an appointment today! You’ll be hooked!


Such zen w Bree. She knows me and my skin. She’s gentle, knows her stuff and I fully trust her decision in what next steps to take. Most importantly, in this day and age, I never feel rushed. I leave their feeling refreshed, taken care of and my skin GLOWING. THANK YOU! ♥️


Amal is gentle and well-informed. I totally trust her treatments. I think she's an excellent addition to the team.


This afternoon's appointment seemed even more relaxing than usual and I found myself noticing and enjoying each of the different "layers" of the full experience.
Thanks again for a great appointment!


Lori is amazing. If I could give ten stars I would.

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At skin&tonic, your skincare journey transcends beyond mere treatments; it's a luxurious experience tailored to your needs. Our dedication to offering a unique blend of luxury and effectiveness in each service ensures that your path to skin health is both indulgent and results-driven. Whether seeking to rejuvenate, restore, or simply maintain your skin's health, you can trust skin&tonic as your facial spa. Discover the skin&tonic difference today!

Discover the skin&tonic difference today!


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