the sun will come out tomorrow...

 As much as these girls like our boots and sweaters, we'll trade them in for flip flops and sunshine any day! BUT.....We have noticed  that every year we start to strip down and wear less clothes, we become more and more conscious of the skin on our body, how its changing, and revealing it for the first time in months can be daunting. 

( insert sigh)

So this year we're letting you in in on our tricks, tips and top picks for how to get the skin on your body to match the glowing skin on your face...


1) EXFOLIATION! hear the word. you know what it means. yet so few do it regularly. understand that nothing else will work well if you don't keep up with this step 1-2 times weekly, head to toe. 

our pick: Bella Lucce Body Scrubs

This scrub is bar none the best. creamy, sugary, not oily, stays bound and will make your skin feel baby bottom smooth all on its own. been on our shelves since 2005

2) HYDRATION!...once you've exfoliated, we've got to keep that skin supple and your skin needs water and emollients, and bonus.. we found one that also firms. a no-brainer

our pick: Whish rice milk firming body cream

a newer product from whish, it feels amazing going on, and heals/soothes/tones/perfects so your skin just looks clearer

3) COLOR: it is true, that sometimes a tan can make your skin appear smoother, but while a regular tan emphasizes pigmentation, a sunless tanner can actually even out the skin in an ageless, more flattering way... and of course, its much safer for you.

our pick: Suntegrity sunless tanner

This tanner uses vegetan, a natural derivative from sugar beets to give you an all over color thats light, but bronzed, and leaves your skin feeling incredibly silky and smooth

4) GLOW: everyone can use a little extra sparkle, a little sheen to keep that skin looking supple.... JLO doesn't just sparkle all on her own. 

our pick: Whish CC Body Cream

You've heard of the BB creams, well this is a CC (corrective creme) for the body. It has skin lighteners to improve imperfections, a little shimmer, a lot of moisture and a perfect compliment to sunless tanned skin for everyday or a night out

5) PROTECTION: we've saved the best for last.... if you do just one of these 5, please do this. its the most valuable product you'll own, and we can't emphasize its importance enough. 

our pick: Suntegrity natural mineral sunscreen for body

what makes this sunscreen so great? its a natural zinc based product that smells and feels like a luxury lotion. it has a tangerine/clementine/citrus smell that is delightful and it protects every bit as strongly as it claims to. zinc is our top choice for protection and our best recommendation. 


all items are currently on the shelves at skin & tonic. more thought goes into choosing our retail than you'll ever know... we are the pickiest of girls and our expectations are high, and the skin on your body deserves as much attention and care as that pretty skin on your face!

with love, xoxo

the girls